Maripak USA - Veriopack - Cup Packaging

We have recently started a Newsletter Mail Platform through which we will inform you about our products, innovations, and developments.

As you may have noticed that Maripak has been substantially growing and has become present in more than 40 world markets, in many European Union countries, USA and Russian Federation, as well as in more distant markets like China.

We are growing day by day.

In our first newsletter, we would proudly like to inform you of a new product “Veriopack” which is mostly used for packaging of the disposable type of products (paper, plastic cups, trash bags, etc.)

Veriopack has a very efficient sealing system that does not leave any trim. You can make either lose bags or shrink the package afterward. It works with a servo motor and can make about 25 packs/min.

We designed a module that can be incorporated to Veriopack which pushes the products into the packaging area or you can shoot the products along with a conveyor.

We are Maripak USA the operational sales, Support Service arm of the Americas. We look forward to keeping you updated with reference to shrink, e-commerce, and packaging equipment.

The Maripak USA Team