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LMC Series of Semi-Automatic L-Sealers

LMC SERIES - Semi-Automatic - L-Sealer

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LMC Series

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  1. LMC Series - L-Sealer - Model # 5844

    The Maripak - LMC Series Semi-Automatic - L-Bar Sealer is a no let down quality machine. Maripak’s entry into the standard line of Semi-Automatic L-sealers are designed for L-seal applications where speed and rugged reliability are prime considerations for smaller to medium size users.

    Built to the same exacting standards as their high-speed wrappers, these versatile units are capable of wrapping many pieces per minute when combined with the proper infeed or manual operator.

    The LMC model 5844 is easy to use and rugged enough for constant operation where daily sealing is needed every day.

    See below for specific specification details and information. Configure and build your own machine with options by request.



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