Midi Series Top Circulated Heat Tunnels

MIDI TUNNEL SERIES - Automatic Premium Heat Tunnels

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Midi Series

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  1. Heat Tunnel - Midi Series T-80
    Heat Tunnel - Midi Series T-80

    The Maripak Midi Series - Heat Tunnels are a must-have quality built heat shrink tunnel system.. Maripak’s entry into their standard medium size line of heat tunnels are designed for fully-automatic superior film shrink performance where consistent and constant heat levels are prime considerations.

    Built to the same exacting high standards as all of their higher-end wrappers and equipment, these versatile tunnels are heavy-duty units that run with precision and temperature accuracy capable of shrinking many pieces.  The Midi Series is a top circulated airflow system.

    System estimates depend on sealer speeds, product size, and film type
    when combined with the proper Maripak sealing equipment and infeed.

    The Midi Series Heat Tunnel T-80 is easy to use and rugged enough for constant and consistent operation where extreme control and accurate film shrink is a must.

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