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✔ Superior sensor technology for a high level of safety

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✔ 5 years spare part availability warranty

✔ Pioneer in technology and high price to performance value

✔ Custom design and automation based on your customer’s need

✔ %100 in-house production and testing possibility before shipment

✔ Flexibility for integrating with other automation services

✔ The immediate closeness of the harbor

✔ Special discount for showroom machinery

✔ Easy to market with pictures, videos and drawings

✔ 2D prototyping sent with quotation

✔ Continuous R&D based on your feedback

✔ Country-wide / regional exclusivity opportunity

✔ Private labeling for exclusive partners

✔ Support for exhibiting our products in trade shows

✔ Factory visit availability with your customers

✔ Always delivers on the promise

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Testimonials from Our Global Network of Distributors..........
True Collabroating Partners..........
Testimonials from Our Global Network of Distributors.......... True Collabroating Partners.......... Testimonials from Our Global Network of Distributors.......... Partners in Growth..........

Schlichter and Maripak have been co-operating since 1999. Within all these years we have realized many ventures together, we have been involved with
new machinery designs and upgrading of existing machinery making them more technology leading, by focusing on the clients' perspective and markets’ needs.
This customer-oriented approach has enabled both parties to become leading companies in shrink machine business, and we are proud to be part of this
development. We will continue to expand our presence not only within the German market but also globally.”

Manuel Schlichter

Maripak convinced us first by its products and development in shrinking machines, then in our daily relationship as a distributor, we have to emphasize their
affection, technical support and the customized solutions that it provides us. Functional machines that are adapted to the market and in continuous evolution, their
technical aspects at the high technological level of Maripak confirm it as our choice of supplier. We have created personal and professional links, we trust Maripak.

Alvaro Gomez

Maripak is a company with a very important technical and human capital. It is a machine manufacturer that is primarily focused on the shrinking process,
through its long trajectory in the market of different countries, in multiple packaging lines, different types of products, forms of packaging, automation solutions
and process control, all making them unique. We place our trust, and we promote Maripak machines to our clients. Maripak machines will be a great investment
by automating heat shrinking processes, with continuous technical support and an excellent after sales service.

Luis Alberto Sánchez Ruiz
XIVAPACK, Colombia

Maripak has quite a long trajectory as a shrink packaging manufacturer, being in many different countries with their wide range of shrink packaging machines
and automation solutions. They continuously upgrade their machines. We trust Maripak and promote their products to our clients in France. We also enjoy
working with their sales and technical team.

Thierry Roy

Maripak is one of the most reliable and rapidly growing companies, with continuous improvement in the field of packaging machines. Being partners for more
than 17 years, the two companies ‘Tahipack” & “Maripak”, have been developed a strong collaboration, based in a profound technical knowledge and a common
customer-oriented company politics. The qualitative packaging machines combined with the direct technical support, and the full availability of spare parts, makes
Maripak one of the more valuable supplier and offer to our clients, reliability and safety about their production. Looking forward to the future with the
development of new machines and production lines.

Dimitris Georgilopolus

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