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CLS Compack Series of Automatic Combination L-Sealer & Tunnel

CLS COMPACK SERIES - Automatic Combination L-Sealer and Tunnel

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  1. CLS COMPACT - L-Sealer Combo

    The Maripak - CLS Compact Series Fully Automatic - L-Bar Sealer and Tunnel - Model - # 4245 is a no let down spectacular machine. Maripak’s entry into the automatic line of sealers as a combination sealer and tunnel unit are designed for L-seal applications where speed and rugged reliability are prime considerations.

    Built to the same exacting standards as their custom high-speed wrappers, these versatile units are capable of wrapping many pieces per minute running at approximately 66 ft / minute when combined with the proper in-feed.

    The model 4245 is easy to use and rugged enough for constant operation 7 days a week.

    See below for specific specification details and information. Configure and build your own machine with options by request.

    Regular Price: $34,800.00

    Special Price: $29,990.00


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