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Maripak USA

the marketing, sales, parts, and service support arm for the growing North American market!!!

Our  USA  based management, sales, and technical support team of top qualified industry professionals has been built with a very specific mindset from the ground up.

All of the team members are truly forward-thinking domestic packaging industry specialists and equipment veterans, who have acquired their specific expertise and many years of industry knowledge 
from actually being in the field and trenches. They have devoted themselves over their long careers to truly understanding the domestic market needs. 

We also bring into the mix, new, energetic, and highly motivated talent from the digital and technology segment to move us leaps and bounds into the future.

Our mission is to compete and grow strategically while bringing the very best of all that Maripak, Inc. has to offer our partners and customers as we simultaneously make new breakthroughs for better equipment.


About Us, Who We Are, and Where We Are Going

Maripak is a leading international corporation established in 1990 with a broad scale of experience in manufacturing a full range of premium industrial shrink packaging equipment. The company has one of the largest capacities and widest product range suppliers of the world market. Maripak has strong knowledgeable worldwide network of sales and support distributors. Trusted by +12.000 customers and +30 international distributors.


The company has always provided highly valued industrial solutions for the flexible film and specifically ever-evolving shrink packaging systems to the world. Besides the standard full line of sleeve wrapping and shrink wrapping systems, Maripak provides custom-built peripheral equipment and develops custom projects for infeed and discharge automation such as package grouping, automatic feeding, paper inserting, product aligning, rotating, labeling and coding and much more.


Trusted by 12,000 plus customers globally

and 30 plus international service distributors


The structuring of the company and overall experience allow us to offer a complete service, from beginning to end for all industrial level projects without ever compromising on the quality. Almost all series of “L sealing” and “continuous sealing” systems in shrink and sleeve wrapping industry are available in Maripak’s production program.

Beside the automatic packaging series, semi-automatic and manual wrapping systems for small or medium scale companies are being manufactured in complete automation with serial production principal. Maripak has also developed patented models and features on its own productions.

Manufacturing: All manufacturing is under ISO 9001 guidelines, manufacturing is broken out in 7 distinct departments: 1) R&D-new machine design and prototyping, 2) CNC sheet metal processing plant, 3) CNC metalwork production plant, 4) Mechanical and electrical assembly 5) Plant with customization and performance upgrading, 6) Q&A, 7) After-sales operations.

Our factory operations are controlled by customized software systems routinely inspected. The systems have been linked with daily and future operating and production activities. The production history is also controlled to estimate the full potential and real after-sales reviews. The software encoding and programming of the systems are done in-house by our trained engineers.



Sheet Metal Processing:

Utilizing the most current CAD and CNC technologies, all machine metalwork is processed and finished in-house.

Utilizing the very best in practice assembly line principles, machines are built, inspected and tested by our factory-trained technicians throughout our rigorous manufacturing process.

Customer support, options upgrading, parts, and support services and in-house refurbishment are all provided as a norm. All of our equipment is manufactured at the highest European standards and carry CE certification.

Film Materials:
Existing and new customers are invited to trial and order our KLEER films. Our sister company Mareks Industrial Packaging Ltd along with our specifically qualified film manufacturing partners will give you the best possible solution and price without compromising on quality.

This department is responsible for the continuous growth of Maripak’s domestic and international market share. Here, new industries and products are evaluated, R&D prototyping is designed, and complete development is finalized and introduced to the markets. International customers constitute approximately 65% of our customer base. Maripak has been exhibiting globally in the largest world packaging exhibitions and providing quality equipment in the most developed and industrialized countries of the world for many years.

Our Promise to our customers is the following



To manufacture, supply and support our products to the highest possible standards, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction without compromise.

We also promise to keep our 4 principals always in place with all of our equipment

1) “Safety” 1st in our products and for the users
2) Fast and responsive after-sales support service
3) Quality from beginning to end
4) Ever-evolving continuous development & improvement.


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