WRAPTURE TRIMLESS Series of Automatic Continuous Side Sealers

WRAPTURE Pro-MOTION SERIES - Fully-Automatic Top Side Sealer

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  1. Side Sealer - WRAPTURE Pro-MOTION 40
    Side Sealer - WRAPTURE Pro-MOTION 40

    The Maripak - WRAPTURE Pro-MOTION Series - Fully-Automatic Continuous Motion Trimless Top Side Sealer is a must have quality built machine. Maripak’s entry into the continuous motion trimless top side sealers are designed for fully-automatic top side seal applications where high speed and rugged reliability are prime considerations.

    Built to the same exacting high standards as all of their higher end wrappers, these versatile units are capable of wrapping many pieces. System estimates are approx 98 feet/minute with 110 cycles/minute depending on size and film type when combined with the proper infeed. .

    The WRAPTURE Pro-MOTION 40 is easy to use and rugged enough for constant and consistent operation when extremely fast and accurate product packaging is a must.

    See below for specific specification details and information. Configure and build your own machine with options by request.

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